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Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. >> she was desperate to get to los angeles to get married. >> now is there it -- now there is another maintenance issue. >> a flood of maintenance complaints and pilot sick calls forced hundreds of cancellations nationwide. thursday, the airline planned to union to court. >>. disrupting the operation. if it does not stop, we will o choice but to go to court. >> things came to a head this when pilots rejected a contract order. union leaders denied there is a say threats will not restart bargaining talks. you cannot have a sword over our heads. >> the union blames the problem on older planes that need maintenance. >> we have cancelled. we cannot count on them. american airlines issued an mail apology to members of its loyalty program. staff to its main its department to help travelers. -- thate have located than 60ok place more years ago. a police report said the painting -- it turns out that bought a few was ago at a flea market for $7. auctioned offo be tomorrow. that option has been put on hold after this new information came out. possible the museum able the painting. >> we
Sep 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
suspects are in custody after a wild chase in los angeles that started allegedly after the suspects robbed a bank of america. there was money thrown out of the window of the suv and there were people trying to pick up the cash even in front of the police vehicles. they countered the suspect at an intersection. >> chicago teachers still on strike. the teachers' union says the chances of an agreement with the school district are slim right now. in the meantime, 350 students are out of school. they are using non-union workers to provide alternative cmore than 50 people in the southwest u.s. had to be rescued after a record-breaking rains and flash flooding. they were getting more than twof rain. that was the most amount of rain ever recorded their since record-keeping began. and in southern utah, water broke through one die. -- dyke. >> it goes down, and there you are. it is localized. it is not a big general rainstorm. and they have had the wettest summer they have ever had, over 3 inches of rain. looking at the weatherbug sites, it is different from our weather here. one to two inche
Sep 21, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the skies has come to an end with a landing in los angeles after another day of flying past monarchs like the hollywood sign in california and of the shuttle going near gate bridge. that.t it is gorgeous. endeavour will spend the next weeks at lax airport and its final home at the california science center. amazing view. isn't that beautiful? our weather continues to be nice. it sounds like it's going to change. >> we have been looking at this make itnt that will cooler. to is going to be you very warm. the other thing it is a slight thunderstorms. back to good weather is. look at a time lapse overlooking the city. absolutely beautiful weather. clouds around the area. continue with that kind of pattern. temperatures will drop into the the 60's. at the moment, it is warm. clear skies and a lot of sunshine. the winds are called. 75 degrees. leesburg at 78. look at the low temperatures this morning. a chill in the air. on sunday, a real autumn chill be in the air. 79 reagan national. 82 and fredrik. 78 in atlas. -- annapolis. otherwise it is warm and a summarery. the
Sep 20, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of modified jumbo jet. it is headed to the california science center in los angeles where it will go on display. earlier today it flew over tucson arizona, in honor of congress woman gabrielle giffords. >> we had that year, and it was incredible. >> it looks like we'll have one little bump in the road saturday evening. the daytime will be good for an outdoor stuff. the beautiful colors and hikes clouds all across the region. comfortably dry, warm air in the mid-7's around the area. right now, 75 is the latest in alexandria. the southerly breeze at 5 reported right now. 74 right now at reagan national. just a few degrees above the average high for late september. as we get to the evening hours we will see the temperatures drop pretty quickly into the 60's after sunset and into the 50's overnight. as we get for the next couple of days, the air mass is coming from down here in the tennessee valley. may be around 80 degrees. on saturday we will get a push of warm air i have a cold front. at the moment, it is very pleasant down at that coast. a cold front up to the north and west. a stron
Sep 19, 2012 5:00pm EDT
debate in a city east of los angeles. >> the beat is infectious. size big hit has america shaking its collective caboose. the u.s. naval academy and "good morning america." when the life guards posted their own version on youtube they got fired. >> what to do it for fun and to commemorate our summer. we never thought it would have blown up to something like this. >> this was a clear and authorized use of city resources, said one official including city issued uniforms. the debate gets its way to city hall last night. 250 people packed the place as the allies guards pleaded their case -- lifeguards pleaded their case. >> the punishment does not fit the crime. >> [inaudible] >> even the rapper himself has come out in their defense. >> i am begging you to do not fire, please. >> the bear is no verdict. the mayor called for an independent review of the case. social commentary -- this is social commentary in seoul. it has 220 million hits on youtube. >> lighten up, delmonte. when did california gets a stiff? >> we will see what they decide with that. we will keep you posted. still ahead. t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5